Terms & Conditions

In general

This document guides and protects our relationship with E-World Systems Limited. For you to access and use the products and services on this website, the products and services are subject to these terms and conditions. By using the products and services, you agree with the set terms. Keep in mind that these terms may be periodically updated and, therefore, you should check this page regularly to avoid missing any changes. Access to this is permitted temporarily, and we have the right to withdraw or change the Services without issuing any notice. We will not be responsible if the website is not responsible at any time or for a particular period for any reason. We may also limit the access of some parts of the site from time to time.

Privacy policy

You will find our privacy policy above. It states the rules on how we use your information. By using this site, you agree with the processing details offered and that all the information you provide is correct.


You are not allowed to use this website for any wrong or malicious purposes. You will only access it for products and services strictly. You will not transmit any virus or any other malicious and technologically harmful data. You will not commit or encourage any criminal offence. You will not harm or annoy other users or infringe upon their proprietary rights. Breaching this agreement is a criminal offence, and we will report such cases to the relevant law authorities. We will not take responsibility for any damages or losses resulting from viruses or other technologically harmful elements that could infect your device after using this website.

Intellectual property, software, and content

Our online shop and its licensors reserve the rights to all the intellectual property rights in content and software that you get through this website. Property rights are protected by copyright laws abiding contracts globally. You may store the intellectual property rights in prints for your personal use, but you are not allowed to publish, change, distribute, or reproduce them in different formats.

Terms of Sale

By placing and confirming your order, you agree to buy our products, subject to the following terms and conditions. Note that you cannot use a coupon code on the refurbished goods as they are already at discounted prices. The dispatch time differs from one product to the other based on the availability of the items. It is also subject to postal delays. However, in this case we bare the responsibility.  

You must be at least 18 years old to be able to purchase from our website. You should also possess a valid debit or credit card issued by one of the banks, that we accept. We have the right to turn down your request if you fail to meet our terms and conditions. When and if your order request is accepted, you will get an email notification. Make sure that you provide only correct information when making an order. We bear zero liability and responsibility if you pick a product that you are not able to use in your property. 

Our contract

As soon as you place an order, you will receive an email notifying that your order has been received. Bear in mind that it is merely an acknowledgement and not an acceptance of your order. No contract between us will be formed until you get the order confirmation email. 

Pricing and availability

We do our best to ensure that all the details and pricing information on the site is accurate. Errors may, however, occur at times but once we discover any issue on the price of the goods, we will inform you right away so you can reconfirm your order at the correct cost. 


Once we receive your order, we will check your payment card to ensure you have enough funds to complete the transaction. Your card will be debited, and the money received after debiting the card will be credited as a deposit against the total value of the items you wish to buy. 

Linking to this website

You are allowed to link to our website home page, but only if you are doing it legally and fairly without damaging our reputation or take advantage of us in any way. You should not establish a link to suggest any approval, endorsement, or our association in any way without our consent. You should only create links from websites that are owned by you. 

Disclaimer as to trademarks, images of personality, and copyright ownership: Unless stated otherwise, third party content, services, and trademarks featured on this site are not in any way affiliated or associated with our online shop. You should not trust that kind of affiliation. The respective trademark owners own the trademarks featured in this site.


You consent that you will defend our online shop, the directors, officers, consultants, workers, affiliates, agents and anyone associated with it from any third party claims, damages and liability costs resulting from the result of using this website or from your breach of the terms and conditions.


We reserve the right to remove, amend or change the services on any of the pages in this website without notice to you, or anyone else.


If any of the given terms and conditions are not applicable, the application of any other part of the service terms and conditions will not be affected by all other clauses that remain in full effect.


We have an efficient and highly effective complaint-handling processes that we use to resolve any disputes when they arise. Let us know  immediately if you have any complaints.


If you breach any of these conditions and no action is taken, we still have the rights to use any remedies in other situations where you breach the terms.

Entire agreement

The mentioned terms and conditions make up the whole agreement of the parties. They supersede all the agreements between you and our shop. Any waiver of the provision of the terms will only be effective if presented in writing and signed by one of our directors.