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Get Rid of WiFi Dead Zones!

This strong and robust ProRepeater WiFi extender that was rated best WiFi booster 2021, will solve all your WiFi issues, extending it to each corner of your space.

  • Supports multiple wireless devices
  • Has 4 rotating antennas
  • Includes 4 modes: router, extender, bridge and AP
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Jacob Banks Verified Customer

Reviewed on 09 April 2022

It solved the problem of dead spots immediately after I set it up. If you have similar problems with Wi-Fi signals, don't change the router. Try this device instead!

The booster is working with any type of router and supports any operator!
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Wifi Boosters Features

This WiFi signal booster is extremely versatile and flexible with its great set of features. It can truly be called the best WiFi extender thanks to its impressive set of attributes, and ease of use.

Super-fast WiFi

Boost your WiFi signal's speed up to 1200 Mbps..

Large Wireless Coverage

4 powerful antennas go through walls and floors..

Easy Setup

Very simple setup that takes less than 60 seconds..

Plug and Play

Just plug the wifi booster into the outlet & turn it on..

WLAN Security

Safe browsing thanks to a secure internet connection..

Smart Design

Compact and portable so you can have super-fast internet anywhere/anytime..

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398 Customer Review

Daniel Munguia Verified Customer

Reviewed on 23 Jul 2022

Got thie extender a month ago, installed it in less than 30 minutes and guess what? I am so happy! This made our lives easier. We don't have to go to the living room to stream video games. It is now possible to play upstairs too. We have awesome gatherings with friends and enjoy out Friday evenings together playing some games or chatting with our crazy friends from abroad via a video call!

Kevin Schrodington Verified Customer

Reviewed on 22 Jul 2022

Received this product yesterday! It was just as I thought. Easy to set up, not expensive or bulky. It could eliminate all our wifi dead zones in our large house. Fixed all the low signal problems. We have no more troubles related to internet anymore.

Nicole Sanders Verified Customer

Reviewed on 18 Jul 2022

The extenders are really good, but I had to wait 10 days for my delivery

Any Heling Verified Customer

Reviewed on 16 Jul 2022

I am preety good in technology but had some problems with the installation of this extender. The instructions that you can find in the product box are confusing for someone who reads it for the first time. It doesn't include detailed information about the process of installation. However, the good news is that tech support is available 24/7. They helped me set this extender up in just a few minutes. Just keep in mind that in today's plug-and-play world, you will need to do more than just unpacking the product and plugging it in. That's why you should order from a company that assists you whenever you need it.

Pamela Heidelberg Verified Customer

Reviewed on 11 Jul 2022

For a long time I was wondering, what is the best WiFi booster on the market, and now I can tell with 100% certainty, that it’s this ProRepeater. It is easy and simple in use, has 4 rotating antennas, so you can direct the signal anywhere pretty much, and it has 4 modes to choose from, which I find great, but personally for me a bit too tech-savvy, so I only use it as a WiFi repeater. Definitely highly recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you are experiencing wifi dead zones, or bad signal the further you go from the router, then you will benefit from wifi boosters. You need to install one in the house, and it will strengthen the signal, extending it to the farthest corners of your space.

Start from understanding what frequency your router works on, and how big of space you have. Then you can work from there, and find a compatible top wifi extender, that will perfectly fit your needs and solve your issues of wifi dead zones and poor signal strength.

This wifi extender has 4 modes: repeater, bridge, AP, and router, which makes it extremely versatile, fitting pretty much any need. Plus, it’s very powerful, compared to its compact design, with 4 rotating antennas. Moreover, it is very easy to use, and all you have to do is plug in the booster to the power source, and turn it on.

It is very safe, and won’t cause any additional issues to you. Plus, it will give you peace of mind and comfort, knowing you don’t have to inconvenience yourself and can access your internet anytime and from any place.

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Apart from selling the most convenient, versatile, and easy-to-use best wifi booster 2021, you also get top-notch services that include:

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